Information for Employers

The KESC Services for Employers:

* •    Connecting employers and jobseekers through evaluation of needs and capacities, job fairs and interne ship, mentorship and industrial attachment.
* •    Providing a database and free space where employers can post available job vacancies.
* •    KESC evaluates its jobseekers database to identify qualified candidates for the job vacancies.
* •    Identifying aspects of personality and motivation that are crucial for a jobseeker’s profile.
* •    Preparing jobseekers to better start their new jobs.
“We are proud to witness the birth of KESC. We can look forward to a better and well organized labour market from which our members can draw talent necessary for innovation and entrepreneurship”
Hannington Namara CEO of PSF

KESC saves your Companies money. How?
Finding the right candidate for a position can cost a lot of money and time for your company and institution. With KESC you will have a strong partner who helps you through this process.
We sort out inadequate applications before you get them. Only the best matching jobseekers will apply. This will save your company time and money during the recruitment process.

Why are applicants from KESC more valuable?

Before we connect jobseekers with a possible employer, we evaluate carefully if his or her qualifications and experiences match the position.

By that we make sure that only people who could fit the position apply. This saves time and money.
We also conduct and facilitate trainings with jobseekers to improve their performance and to raise their capacities to better start with their new jobs.
We do not only look into qualifications but also into the applicants’ personalities and soft skills.

What can do as an employer?

Visit our centre in Kimisagara and
* •    Find out about our services 
* •    Register your existing company in our database by Opens external link in new windowclick
* •    Post job vacancies at KESC 
Or just call us or E-mail us on the contacts behind