Information for jobseekers

The KESC Services for Jobseekers:?
* Access to job opportunities, training and internship from private, public, national and international institution.
* Profiling jobseekers in a database to fill available vacancies.
* Supporting jobseekers to identify technical and social skills in order to increase chance on labor market.
* Support jobseekers to identify aspects of personality and motivation that are crucial for jobseeker’s profile.
* Assistance from well-trained career and employment councelors.
* Internet access to get employment related information, 
e.g: jobs, career option, self-employment, internship and trainings??

Preparation for the job application??

You want to apply for a job??You have an interview on your schedule? ??Come to the center and get advice on:

* How to write an application 
* How to prepare for an interview
* How to identify your strength
* How to make a great impression on a potential employer

?Do you wonder what the right career is for you??         ?

KESC helps you to find out what you are good at.

??We propose to you which jobs may offer you a good career perspective. ?Our staff assist your decision marketing process and design your career objective together with you.

Trainings and job related information sessions.?

* KESC offers different trainings to jobseekers:
* IT-skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet search)
* Job search strategy (self-awareness, self-marketing )
* Training on entrepreneurship (training on business plan and coaching to start your business)
* English training (basic and advanced)
* Opportunity scouting (training on self-awareness/career planning and exploration the labor and education market opportunities).
* Cooperate social responsibility sessions (different companies share information about their work field and environment)
* Women focus group discussion(women related topics and role models for success stories)
* Career coaching courses at TVET schools

KESC links graduates to public and private stakeholders for professional internship.?KESC organizes for female jobseekers the women mentorship program to gain work-experiences with successful women entrepreneurs. ??KESC services are all free of charges!.

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