According to the latest report by Kigali Employmenr Service Centre (KESC), a unit of the City of Kigali tasked to fight against unemployment in the city, the total of 30 employers mainly from the banking sector, telecommunications, marketing and recruitment, beverages and training sector attended the last JobNet event that took place on May 3, 2018 at Kigali Culture and Exhibition Village formerly known as Camp Kigali.On the side of Job seekers 1,219 attended the event, among them 38 % were female while 62% were male. A job Net is an event connecting jobs seekers with potential employers.

During this Job Net, jobseekers, majority of which are the youth, have the opportunity to network and make important connections with potential employers. Unlike other job fairs or events that are focused on securing employment for jobseekers on the day of the event, Job Net’s emphasis is on networking and providing information to youth about the job market. Invited companies and job seekers freely interact and develop rapport. Job seekers have the unique opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their fields of interest, including employment opportunities from professionals or key players in the fields.

 After opening the 5th JobNet on May 3, 2018, Fanfan Rwanyindo, the Minister for Public Service and Labour, hailed the initiative saying that a strategic partnership with private sector companies would not only promote employment opportunities, but also help the youth to turn their business ideas into reality. “This initiative complements our efforts in creating employment opportunities for our young people, especially graduates. It has been, and continues to be, a channel of connecting our young people to the labour market, ensuring smooth transition from school to work,” she noticed. She told the youth to seek jobs but also get advice from companies on how best they can develop and grow their own business. Rwanyindo requested youth to improve their after-school experience in order to make a difference on labour market.

Patricie Muhongerwa, the City Vice Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs, said the job fair does not target only the youth from Kigali, but all jobseekers across the country. “The job fair is open to all Rwandans. They can interact with potential employers and explore job opportunities available while some companies have also suggested training the youth on how they can create their own jobs to be self-employed and employ others,” she said.

 For Isabella Kamana, the People Organisational Development manager at Heineken Rwanda (Bralirwa), that means the right candidate must have the right skills, right attitude, and right experience. “As a recruiter, I want someone with the right leadership and functional skills, as well as knowledge concerning the business,” she said. “For instance, it’s hard for us to get people to fill positions in areas like automation engineering and other specialised fields,” she added.

 Nicholas Mogazi, a recruiter at NFT Consult, a regional HR and recruitment firm said “In many cases, someone with a rosy CV turns out to be the exact opposite of their profile during face-to-face interviews”.

 The Kigali Employment Service Centre (KESC) was launched on May 30th, 2013 as an employment service centre of the City of Kigali. KESC contributes to promote employment through preparing jobseekers for the Labour Market by providing employment information, career guidance and application training.

By organizing the Job Net event, KESC the Government Employment Service Centre is looking to become the most citizens centred and linking point between employers, jobseekers, policy makers and the general public at large. Furthermore, the event had the following objectives:

-          Provide a unique opportunity for jobseekers and employers to network and exchange information during the Job Net event as well as jobseekers leaving their CVs where they get interested to deposit

-          Disseminate job related information

-          Promote self-employment and entrepreneurship to the youth and the Rwandan work force in general by offering related trainings and information.

 During the Job Net different activities take place namely:

·         Job Networking

At the beginning of the Job Net, the invited guests will visit the different stands of employers, where each one will be showcasing its company business activities, organization structure and job vacancies. Stands will be disposed in order to allow human resource staffs to exchange information with the visitors of their stands, discuss about the Labour market and even carry out one-to-one interviews.

·         The Labour Market Clinic

The Labour Market Clinic comprises several types of activities to be conducted in parallel during the full day, namely trainings, information sessions and individual coaching. It will prepare jobseekers for the Job Net and will hand on information about job search strategy and also entrepreneurship.

  •  Preparing Jobseekers for Job Net in CV writing and interview skills
  •  Different training in favour of jobseekers
  • Information sessions and presentations from renowned Human Resource Managers and other senior staff
  • Individual coachings